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Cross Medix – Controversial Legal Substances & Counterfeits

Legalization with hidden dangers

With the legalization of marijuana in many states across America, there has been a rise of synthetic cannabis (shown above), creating dangers for substance users and medicinal users alike.

Image source: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

According to the New York Times, K2, a form of synthetic cannabis, has caused overdoses in 130 people over three days in the week of July 11-17 2016. The drug, being a cheap “alternative” to marijuana, is entirely “man made” and are closer to bath salts than the real cannabis.

Chemicals are sprayed over leaves in order to give it the authentic look, allowing it to be passed off as real cannabis in order to dupe other substance users.

Medicinal and recreational cannabis for sale could decrease the use of other drugs within states.

Image Source: Gosia Wozniacka/AP

In 7 states, cannabis is legal in both forms for medicinal and recreational use, with a further 20 states legalizing medical cannabis. While K2 and other synthetic cannabis causes symptoms similar to bath salts, cannabis itself has never been reported to have killed someone in an overdose, as opposed to various other drugs, as well as alcohol.

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