Froehde Test Kit Instructions

///Froehde Test Kit Instructions

Froehde Test Kit Instructions

All test kits come with full instructions. Instructions on how to use the test kits are found on this page. If you misplace your set of instructions, please refer to the product page information for results. You should also be able to download the images by right-clicking and saving the image.


The EZ Test Kits are very simple to use and small enough to be portable! Follow the instructions below to find out how to use them.

  1. Take your chosen substance and prepare it for analysis. A small amount is required, roughly 2mm by 2mm volume.

  2. Lightly tap the unopened ampuole against a surface or your hand to make any particles sticking to the side of the ampuole fall downwards. Be careful not to break the ampuole as it could be dangerous.

  3. Hold the ampuole and snap off the top part on the fracture line. Make sure the ampuole is upright.

  4. Place your substance into the ampuole and place the cap on to seal it.

  5. Allow some time for the substance and reagent to mix. Turning and gently shaking the ampuole can help.

  6. If there is a colour change, compare it to the chart included in the packaging to try and determine what your substance is.

  7. When finished, please place the ampuole in a sealed bag and dispose of it responsibly. No litter goes a long way.

Click the link below to download the reactions table for this test kit

CrossMedix Froehde Reagent Reactions Table – PDF

CrossMedix Froehde Reagent Reactions – Downloadable Image

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