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We supply a variety of accessories for your medical and science based activities. We aim to ensure that you are optimally suited for any task you have at hand.


Cross Medix are now supplying medical and science based accessories. Purchasing one of our single tests or test kits comes with a free pair of gloves. Products will always be added and expanded within the site!

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We want to help create a safer environment for using substances, regardless of whether it is a recreational drug or a medicinal substance. Many substances, from aspirin to cocaine, are not what they may appear to be. A lot of substances are “cut” these days with other substances, in order to pass it off as the real thing which could cause serious harm to the user.
As many drugs are illegal in various parts of the world, they certainly come with dealers that have no obligation to tell you what is in the substance. Either because they may not know themselves, or because they are in a business which does not run on strict rules.
Our test kits will help you with confidence when purchasing substances. Depending on the test kit you buy, you can test your substance to see whether the product you buy really is what it says to be or not. While these may not tell you the purity of the product, or the amount of cutting agent that is in them, it gives a good indication of whether it is legitimate. It is always better to take no drugs at all.
“Great products at cheaper prices than other sites! They offer discreet and confidential delivery which was fast and hassle-free. Can’t wait to shop here again, definitely worth the time.”
“Saved me from taking some strange coloured aspirin (had some specs of yellow in it. Used the Marquis test kit and the reaction turned dark brown! After checking the colour chart, it indicated that the substance I bought was sugar! Had no idea what other things that could have been in there. Thank God I had this test kit handy”
“Was hoping to use a test kit which I purchased a few months ago. I suspected that the reagent wouldn’t be good for use anymore. Thankfully the test kits have a shelf life of nearly 3 years! Amazing product that just keeps on surprising me”

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