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Telegraph – Drugs Testing For Rio Olympics 2016

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23 athletes competing at Rio Olympics fail London 2012 drugs retest - Ben Rumsbey & Ben Bloom The London Olympics were in danger of being branded the dirtiest Games in history on Friday night after it was revealed that upwards of 60 athletes who took part may have been on drugs. The memory of [...]

USNews – Drug Test All Of Us

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Drug Test All of Us Many of us receive government money, so why are we only putting welfare recipients to the test? - Adam Chodorow At least 15 states have recently passed laws requiring welfare recipients to submit to drug testing, with Arkansas and West Virginia being the most recent to join the [...]

BBC News – University DIY test kits in laboratory

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Newsbeat analyses Newcastle University's DIY drug testing kits in a laboratory - Kat Collins DIY drug testing kits have been available for purchase at Newcastle University as well as other colleges so that students can find out whats really in the pills they take. The test kits are being sold [...]