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6 Safety Tips From CrossMedix

Any time you plan on using drugs, it’s always safer to bring a friend to share information with. Always communicate with each other how you are feeling, especially if you are feeling unwell.
When taking drugs and doing physical activity such as dancing, it is important to take breaks to stop yourself from dehydrating or succumbing to heat exhaustion.
Always bring a refillable bottle filled with water, even if you are not taking drugs. Electrolytes are crucial in helping our bodies function properly and water is a very good source of providing these electrolytes.
If you do go ahead and use a drug, make sure you test it beforehand. Our range of drug testing kits will provide you with all the information needed in order to understand what you are about to use. Get started with testing here! (insert link to product page) 
With any substance you choose to use, you should always know who you buy it from. Do not buy your drugs from a stranger as there is a higher risk of not knowing what you are taking. If you choose to consume a drug, make sure you limit your dosage and don’t be rash with your decisions.
If you buy a substance, whether it is paracetamol, sugar or even a recreational drug such as cannabis, always compare it to a consumer brand when available. For example, with paracetamol, you could take a picture of a legitimate manufacturer-made packaging as well as the substance. If it looks different or you are having doubts of what it really is, simply return it to where you purchased it and ask for a refund. You wouldn’t eat some food which was no longer edible, so why would you risk it with anything else?

As always, if you are unsure about any substance, it is better to not take it at all rather than putting yourself at risk.