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Cross Medix – Alcohol Information

Alcohol is one of the world’s most popular drug, being used as solvents and antiseptics, while primarily being used for alcoholic beverages, it can be very dangerous and harmful to bodies if used in excessive amounts.

The chemical formula for ethanol, the primary form of alcohol used in alcoholic beverages.

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During 2016’s New Years Eve, the biggest drinking night of the year, the Local Government Association (LGA), which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales warned the public not to buy cheap alcohol and to avoid anything “too good to be true”. According to The Guardian, cheap alcohol such as vodka had been laced with high dangerous chemicals, typically used in cleaning products and and paint solvent.

Chloroform, which can induce comas, as well as methanol, one of the primary ingredients in antifreeze, can prove to be harmful and should be avoided in consumption at all times.

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