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Individual Tests

Check out the range of test kits we have available for you!

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All test kits come with a colour chart and instructions so you won’t have to worry about what to do. If you have any questions you can always send an email to or browse our information section on the menu. Prices start from –

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Our shop is set up for an enjoyable experience and an easy checkout.

Fast And Free UK Delivery

Deliveries are fast and free with standard postage within the UK.  For any postage queries, check out our FAQ page or shipping informationor send us an email to

Easy To Use

Each test kit comes with a diagram and a set of instructions.

Easy To Understand

We try our best to ensure that these test-kits are the best on the market, from the reagents themselves to the set of instructions, we are confident that they are easy to use and hassle-free.

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We are Cross Medix, one of the world’s premier innovative medical companies.


 Cross Medix design and develop a range of healthcare, medical and consumer products which are available throughout the UK and around the world.

Our Mission is to provide high quality, science backed medical products and equipment.

“Great products at cheaper prices than other sites! They offer discreet and confidential delivery which was fast and hassle-free. Can’t wait to shop here again, definitely worth the time.”
“Saved me from taking some strange coloured aspirin (had some specs of yellow in it. Used the Marquis test kit and the reaction turned dark brown! After checking the colour chart, it indicated that the substance I bought was sugar! Had no idea what other things that could have been in there. Thank God I had this test kit handy”
“Was hoping to use a test kit which I purchased a few months ago. I suspected that the reagent wouldn’t be good for use anymore. Thankfully the test kits have a shelf life of nearly 3 years! Amazing product that just keeps on surprising me”
  • Fast and free UK delivery!

  • Professional and affordable medical and scientific products!

  • A variety of products to suit your needs!

  • Fast, accurate and easy test kits.