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CrossMedix, founded in 2016, aims to create susbtance use a safer-than-ever experience through harnessing our test kits and other medical and science-based equipment. For years, CrossMedix has been researching ways to ensure that the public feel safe and gain peace of mind when using a substance.

CrossMedix Ltd. Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Retailer.

What We Do

We want to help create a safer environment for using substances, and we are not just talking about drugs. Many substances, from aspirin to cocaine, are not what they may appear to be. A lot of substances are “cut” these days with other substances, in order to pass it off as the real thing which could cause serious harm to the user.
As many drugs and substances are illegal in various parts of the world, they certainly come with providers that have no obligation to tell you what is in the substance. Either because they may not know themselves, or because they are in a business which does not run on strict rules.
Our test kits will help you with confidence when purchasing substances. Depending on the test kit you buy, you can test your substance to see whether the product you buy really is what it says to be or not. While these may not tell you the purity of the product, or the amount of cutting agent that is in them, it gives a good indication of whether it is legitimate. Remember – It is always better to take no drugs at all.

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