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Cross Medix – Legal Highs Targeted

Cutting illicit drug use by targeting “legal highs”

“Legal highs” are being used as chemsex drugs which will be targeted by the government 

According to a recent study by the UK Home Office, the number of adults taking illicit drugs has fallen from 10.5% to 8% in the past decade, although deaths related to illicit drugs have risen sharply.

The government aim to target psychoactive substances and performance enhancement drugs, along with the misuse of prescribed medicines.

“Legal highs”, now labelled as new psychoactive substances, create a similar effect to other drugs such as cannabis.

Border control is an area which will be focused on in order to reduce and eradicate drug-trafficking into the UK

Chemsex – the use of drugs as part of a sexual activity – often uses psychedelics or hallucinogenic drugs such as crystal methamphetamine and mephedrone.

Government studies show that the chemsex practice increases mental and physical health risks, while contributing to the spread of blood-borne infections and viruses.

The government studies indicate that the number of drug related deaths in England and Wales have increased by 10.3% to 2,479 in 2015, following rises of 14.9% in 2014 and 19.6% in 2013.

To find out more about legal highs and to read more on this article please click on the following link.

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