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If you plan on taking any substance or drug then you NEED a test kit if you want to identify a fake, potentially fatal substance.

Take a look at our range here to find out which test kit is for you. 

All you just need to make sure you know what substance you are expecting to use, and buy a test kit accordingly. For example, if you are going to use aspirin, you should purchase a test kit with the Mandelin reagent as it will give you the best results at identifying that substance.
Absolutely! Our aim is to help with the safety of substance use, not abuse it. If you would like some reassurance from well known and authoritative media companies, check out our list of articles which covers news stories about these test kits.
Each reagent will have their expiry date printed on the bottle. They last roughly 3 years.
While a very limited amount of substances simply cause no reaction on our products, please make sure you have purchased the right testing kit for your substance for the highest accuracy of results possible.


We ship the testing kits internationally, anywhere and everywhere. 
You can pay with a normal debit or credit card, or go through a secure checkout with PayPal. Instructions will be provided during the checkout process.
The payment will be seen as CM Trading.
Royal Mail requires us to have a return address on your parcel. This is shown as CM Trading Bath.

Orders are sent in plain packaging. If you would like to find out more then simply contact us via our contact page or send us an email to info@crossmedix.com