Paracetamol – Substance Information

///Paracetamol – Substance Information

Paracetamol – Substance Information

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While Paracetamol is most commonly used as a medicine to treat pain, usually from headaches, toothache or sprains, as well as helping reduce fevers caused by the common cold.

Paracetamol is commonly available as tablets, capsules or soluble tablets which require water to dissolve. They can also be used via injection given into a vein, although this is normally used in hospital.

Although Paracetamol is uncommon to be found counterfeit in the United Kingdom, in other parts of the world such as south-east Asia and India, legitimate medicine is saturated against counterfeit as lack of education on how to identify fake substances are prevalent in many parts across the world.

Overdosing on Paracetamol can be extremely dangerous and should be treated immediately if you are feeling unwell and have gone over the recommended maximum dose.

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