Drug Testing At Festivals For The Near Future

//Drug Testing At Festivals For The Near Future

Drug Testing At Festivals For The Near Future

Music Festivals May Allow Attendants To Test Drugs On Site

According to a recent report from ITV News, testing tents could be available at numerous festivals this summer, with Reading and Leeds aiming to be the first to introduce them with the help of local police forces.

Instances of testing at music festivals had already occurred, as The Loop, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, employed a drug testing tent at the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire in 2016

Millions of people visit festivals within the UK each year. Drug usage is typically associated with many of the festivals.

Talking to ITV News, The Loop founder Fiona Measham said: “it’s really exciting that police are prioritising health and safety over criminal justice at festivals”.

Front-house testing is a concept she hopes would be available at night-clubs and city-centers in the future.

The event organiser of Reading, Leeds, V-Festival and many more festivals says he needs the support of local police in order for the testing tents come to fruition.

He mentions, “we talked about it during the summer of last year and the reality is that I took a decision that unless and until the National Police Chiefs’ Council supported the principle of it, it was difficult for us to move forward on it.”

Simon Bray, the commanding lead for drugs at the NPCC states that the police force would be unable to support the testing-tents until a “strong understanding of the implications on policing” was undertaken.

Leeds Festival indicating to be a likely place for on-site testing, according to Melvin Benn, event organiser.

To find out more about drug testing in festivals and to read more on this article please click on the following link.

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