2C-T-2 – Substance Infomation

///2C-T-2 – Substance Infomation

2C-T-2 – Substance Infomation

This page contains information on some substances which may be useful to broaden your knowledge. All sources are credited.


2C-T-2, also known as “Tripstacy” or “7UP”, is a psychedelic and a hallucinogenic drug, which creates effects of distorted reality or make objects appear which aren’t real. The drug give effects similar to LSD and ecstasy. The drug is most commonly found in the form of pills and either digested or taken by the nasal route. 2C can cause some very uncomfortable experiences and in some cases it can be fatal when taken in high doses. To find out more about 2C and other forms of the drug, please click the links below:

Source: TalkToFrank – Wikipedia – Drugabuse.gov

Source: Wikipedia.org – Fuse809

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